Keeping church members safe during times of worship was the topic of discussion Thursday during a faith based safety summit with Roanoke City and Roanoke County police departments and religious leaders.

Training focused on creating safety teams, addressing security concerns and active shooters.

A pastor we spoke to says situations like these make it hard for people to worship without worrying.

“Our motto is open hearts, open minds, open doors, and we love having people come in. Anyway we put a barrier to that it stops somebody that might want to come hear the word of the God. We’re trying to find the balance between being safe and reaching out to the community,” said the Rev. Pastor B. Failes Thrasher – UMC/ Vinton

Multiple church leaders say they’ve created a safety team and have put plans in place in case they are faced with a emergency situation.

from News | WSLS
via News | WSLS

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